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VPL - Laser Hair Removal

Having the state of the art VPL laser machine, Dr. Domingo can offer a safe and effective treatment for unwanted hair.

After a tiring search for the "right" laser, Dr. Domingo has decided on a VPL system that calibrates individual settings according to the universal skin types. This makes for a less painful application treatment with great results.

Pair that with the only "Certified" laser technicians in the area and you have --- SMOOTH RESULTS.

Come see for yourself. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your treatment options.

VPL Technicians

We are proud to be the only "Certified" Laser Technicians in the area with extensive training in the aesthetics field of hair removal techniques

Debra Deuble, L.P.N., C.L.T.

Worked as an OB/GYN nurse for the past 12 years. Attended Physicians Skin Institute in Scottsdale Arizona to become a certified laser technician. Learned various techniques of laser hair removal, skin conditions, and safety standards if the laser industry.

Worked as a staff trainer for a large medical laser sales company training physicians and nurses on new laser machines before coming to Dr. Domingos' practice.

I now concentrate my skills on laser (VPL) treatments solely. Attending conferences and seminars, keeping up to date on all new techniques to deliver safe and effective results for our clients.

Cheryl Schillig, L.P.N., C.L.T

Worked as an OB/GYN and pediatric nurse for the last 35 years.

With the new wave of lasers expanding to the OB/GYN field, I decided to become certified by attending the Physicians Skin Institute in Scottsdale Arizona. Learning IPL, VPL, lasers was a new and exciting career shift.

I have had extensive training in skin conditions, laser safety, and physics while at the skin institute becoming "certified" in the laser field.

I joined Dr. Domingos' practice in 2006 working as a part-time nurse and laser technician. I keep educated in the laser industry to better serve our growing clients.
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