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Frequently Asked Questions

Maternity Patients

If I have a previous c-section delivery do I need to have a repeat at time of delivery?

Yes, it requires a repeat c-section due to the increase risk of uterine rupture and maternal and fetal complications.


Can I eat foods and drinks with artificial sugars?

No - Nutra-sweet, Splenda, and Aspartame are not recommended.


Can I eat fish during pregnancy?

We suggest avoiding it due to high mercury content.


Can I still run while pregnant?

We suggest walking and swimming.


Can I go in a hot tub while pregnant?

We do not recommend it.


Can I bowl while pregnant?

We do not recommend it.


Will high heel shoes increase my back pain?

Yes, we also are concerned with balance issues and do not recommend wearing them.


Can I travel up until my due date?

We do not recommend travel after 32 weeks gestation.


What is normal weight gain during pregnancy?

Approximately 25-35 pounds (Underweight patients: 40 pounds, overweight 15 pounds) 4 pounds per month or 1 pound per week is recommended.


What will help my back pain during pregnancy?

After 20 weeks gestation, avoid lying on back, lay on left lateral side (the uterus is not laying on large vessels and allows blood flow to move more freely).


Back pain can be minimized by using proper body mechanics (use legs to lift not your back).


Can I have intercourse while pregnant?

It is fine as long as you are experiencing no complications such as bleeding, preterm labor, or if contraindicated by our doctor.


Where can I go for prenatal classes?

We recommend attending classes at the facility where you are delivering. This way you are also comfortable with the resources available to you during your hospital stay.


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